• 15 CM

  • 17.5 CM

  • 20 CM

For men:

Start at 17.5 CM for small/medium wrists, 20 CM for medium/large wrists.

For women:

Usually start at 15 CM and go up to 20 CM for larger wrists 

You can measure the perfect size by doing the following:

Step 1

Grab a string, piece of tape or something else you can put around your wrist.

bracelet size guide step 1

Step 2

Place the piece of tape around your wrist and draw a line on the piece of tape.

size guide bracelet step 2

Step 3

Then measure the difference between both points to find your ideal size.

size guide bracelet step 3

  • 20″ - 50cm

  • 22″ - 55cm

Use this photo as an example.

Chain size guide